Why you should add this seaweed powder seasoning to your daily meals!

Crystal of the Sea new product Seaweed Powder

Crystal Of The Sea is proud to present our two new products, Seaweed Powder Seasoning and the Scallop Powder Seasoning. In this article, we will be focusing on the Seaweed Powder, letting you understand its premium ingredients and its great benefits to your health. Do you know that wakame, nori, and kombu are different? We […]

4 Home Cooked Easy Dinner Recipes with High Nutrition

COTS Cooking Recipe Booklet Cover Page

We all know that eating out can be unhealthy but most of the time, we’re too exhausted after work to cook. Hence, most of us will choose to have our dinner outside. In this article, we prepared four extremely easy dinner recipes that you can make at home, all with a single pot or pan! […]

Crystal Of The Sea Brings You Affordable & Authentic Premium Ikan Bilis Powder

Crystal of the Sea HACCP

Crystal Of The Sea aims to provide affordable yet nutritious and delicious products for families using premium ingredients that are all-natural. Suitable for the old and the young, rest assured that our products are certified with the highest possible standards in food safety. Are you looking for nutritious, affordable, and healthy products for your family? […]