Did you know that our dehydration method retains 20% more nutrients in Ikan Bilis powder compared to baking method?

Many nutrients are sensitive to heat. Hence, when the raw materials are exposed to high heat for a long period of time, the nutrients will get degraded. An important vitamin that always gets lost this way is Vitamin B. When baking, the B vitamins in roasted meat may decline by as much as 40%1.

This is why Crystal of the Sea chose dehydration as our method of removing the excess water content in our ingredients. We know that dehydration is painfully slow – the dehydration process takes at least 8 hours for most of our ingredients and for our scallops and shrimps, they need at least 14 hours – but we’re doing this to retain the maximum nutrients we can in our powders. 

Based on our research and analysis, the nutrition content in our Ikan Bilis powder is reduced by 10% to 30% when we used the dehydration method. However, if we were to bake them, 50% to 70% of their nutrition will be lost. This result is similar for other powders.

Another example is the preservation of Folic Acid in our seaweed powder. Folic Acid is a type of vitamin B that is essential for pregnant ladies. In the early stages of a baby’s development, folic acid helps form the neural tube. 

It is very important because it can help prevent some major birth defects of the baby’s brain (anencephaly) and spine (spina bifida). Other nutrients in the powder are also more well-preserved.

Crystal of the Sea aims to enrich your every meal by providing affordable yet nutritious and delicious products for families, using premium ingredients that are all-natural. Beyond maintaining the highest standard of production, we also heavily invest in research and development. Be rest assured that you receive the highest possible standards in food safety and nutrition. 

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