Crystal of the Sea - Seaweed Powder 40GR / Nori Wakame Powder

Product Description

Crystal of the Sea Seaweed Powder is crafted by combining Premium quality Nori and Wakame, without any added salt, sugar, MSG, or any other preservatives. It is rich in Iodine, Omega-3, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) and Protein.

Net Weight: 40gram per bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1. Can I consume it without cooking?
Yes, our seaweed powder is ready-to-eat. Just sprinkle some onto your cooked meal.

FAQ 2. How do I store it?
Inside a dry cabinet. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight.

FAQ 3. Does it taste salty?
Not at all. We do not use salt in making our powder. Sodium is still present because seaweeds grow in sea water, but is kept as low as possible. 1-2 teaspoon is enough to get that umami taste.

About Nori
Nori is a dried seaweed used in Japanese cuisine, made from the red algae species. Nori is often used as sushi or onigiri wrapping. Nori is high in Omega 3 and Folic Acid.

About Wakame
Wakame is a species of sea vegetable widely used in soups and salads. Wakame is high in Iodine and Antioxidant.

Seaweed Powder is commonly used as seasoning in Japanese cuisine or soup stocks because of its umami taste and fragrance. It is also often sprinkled onto French fries or other appetizers.

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