Complementary Food Combinations for 6 Month Old Babies

6 months old baby ready for complementary food
Look Ma! i’m ready for a new world of food tasting!

Looking for food combinations for 6 month old babies? Indeed! As babies reach the stage to be able to eat solid foods, young parents start to scramble for food recipes and start researching on what are the foods suitable for their 6 month old.

It is recommended that infants start receiving complementary foods at 6 months of age in addition to breast milk. Initially, they should receive complementary foods 2–3 times a day between 6–8 months and increase to 3–4 times daily between 9–11 months and 12–24 months. Additional nutritious snacks should also be offered 1–2 times per day for ages 12–24 months, as desired1. We break down the types and even provide you with combinations of complementary food for 6 month old babies! Read on!

Types of Complementary Food for 6 Month Old Babies

Mother feeding complementary food to baby
I’m pretty sure it can do with more taste, ikan bilis powder please?

When a baby first start taking complementary food, it is very important for parents to introduce food that can trigger an allergic reaction one at a time, in very small quantities, so you can see if a reaction occurs. The following are some food that can be introduced to a 6-month-old baby as part of your baby’s diet.

  • Cow’s milk (in cooking or mixed with food)
  • Eggs (must be cooked; should not be eaten raw or half-cooked)
  • Gluten-containing foods (such as wheat, barley, and rye)
  • Nuts (ground)
  • Whole grains (ground)
  • Soya bean
  • Fish

Once introduced and your baby can tolerate it, continue to offer these foods as part of the baby’s solids menu to minimize the risk of allergies.

In addition, there are several other types of food that can be consumed by babies aged 6 months. Try including vegetables that are not too sweet, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach, to help your baby get used to a variety of tastes. This can help prevent them from becoming picky eaters while they are growing.

Also, keep in mind that baby food does not need added salt or sugar. Babies should not eat salty foods because they are not good for the kidneys and consuming too much sugar (and unnatural) can cause damage and interfere with the growth of teeth.

A Month of Food Ideas for 6 Month Babies

Here are some food combinations you can give to your child when he or she reaches the age for complementary food:

  1. White rice porridge + Ikan Bilis powder or Whitebait powder
  2. Apple puree
  3. Baby oatmeal cereal that contains omega-3 and antioxidants
  4. Avocado puree + banana
  5. Pear puree
  6. Full-fat plain yogurt
  7. Sweet potato puree
  8. Broccoli puree
  9. Avocado puree + egg yolk (cooked)
  10. Mango puree
  11. Carrot puree
  12. Homemade quinoa baby cereal
  13. Peach puree
  14. Roasted butternut squash
  15. Green bean puree
  16. Baked banana + cinnamon puree
  17. Apple and raspberry puree + vanilla
  18. Banana and blueberry + avocado puree
  19. Full-fat plain yogurt mixed with bananas and cherries
  20. Oatmeal + avocado and spinach puree
  21. Spinach + apple puree
  22. Blackberry + kale + apple puree
  23. Sweet corn + apple puree
  24. Chickpeas and blueberries + rosemary puree
  25. Green bean porridge for babies
  26. White rice porridge + shredded chicken meat
  27. White rice porridge broccoli + asparagus + Seaweed Powder
  28. Mango + kale puree with ginger
  29. Turkey and corn + zucchini puree
  30. Oats and spinach + avocado puree
Crystal sea food powders perfect complementary food seasoning
You decide what’s best for growing kids!

In essence, give solids that contain calcium, iron, Omega-3, and vitamins to your baby because these ingredients are very good for the growth and development of your baby. Another simple way of making complementary food interesting and more nutritious is by using our food powders.

Crystal Sea’s Food Powders, Perfect for Complementary Foods

With so many complementary food combinations for 6 month old babies, what else is there more to give for them? Extra additional nutrition of course! It’s the perfect compliment to complementary foods! (no pun intended). Check out our products here or on shopee! All our food powders are safe for consumption by babies 6 months and above. They are also all-natural, with no preservatives or MSG, or salt added.

With the added additional nutrition boost to complementary foods, rest assured, your babies are growing up healthy and strong!




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